Your son may be considering joining a fraternity or perhaps is already a member of Sigma Tau Gamma. This is an important step in your son’s life and is one that he will likely want to share with you. We encourage you to learn about fraternity life and Sigma Tau Gamma.

Our Fraternity was founded by educators, and veterans of the First World War. Your son can count himself among great men that believe in the highest ideals of manhood, broterhood, and citizenship.

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Inc. is a non-profit organized to provide resources and service to the college chapters. We are governed by a board of alumni volunteers. A small professional staff develops and delivers programs through a network of alumni volunteers. We provide guidance for chapters. We do not direct or supervise chapter activities. However, we do seek to enforce standards. Our office is located on the founding site of our Fraternity in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Sigma Tau Gamma is also a social fraternity. Unfortunately, in current use the word social is all too often used to describe anti-social behavior. In Sigma Tau Gamma social means congeniality and the development of interpersonal skills. Members who exhibit anti-social behavior, including the abuse of alcohol, are subject to discipline.

Similarly, hazing is anti-social behavior. Sigma Tau Gamma chapters are not permitted to engage in hazing. If you should ever have a question or concern about the behavior in your son’s chapter, please call our office at 660-747-2222.

Interpersonal relationships are important while in college. Research indicates that the absence of appropriate social relationships, not poor scholarship, is the dominant reason freshmen fail to persist to graduation. Fraternity members consistently persist to graduation at a higher rate than non-member students because they have a peer support network.

A college fraternity chapter is a self-governing democratic learning laboratory. The learning comes from doing. Encourage your son to be actively involved and seek leadership roles. This is the best way to get maximum benefit from his membership.

Your son’s chapter democratically sets its own budget and dues. In order to promote responsible financial management and accountability, we have arranged for Omega Financial, Inc. to provide billing and accounting services for his chapter. (There are a few chapters where the host university provides these services rather than Omega Financial.) You will likely receive copies of your son’s dues and fees statements.

We are excited that your son is considering membership with Sigma Tau Gamma and hope that his association proves to be most rewarding.


Steve Latour, CEO
Chief Executive Officer

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    Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation

    Sigma Tau Gamma has a Foundation that raises tax-deductible charitable gifts to promote scholarship and leadership in our chapters. Learn more about the ways our Foundation is supporting your sons development here.

    Path of Principles Program

    Sigma Tau Gamma has a unique fraternal education program called the Path of Principles. The Path of Principles is an alternative to old pledge programs. It is not based on memorization and stressful activities like seen in the media. PoP is about setting and achieving goals: wellness goals, academic goals, chapter goals, leadership goals. Your son's chapter should be following the program, it is what links each chapter in our coast-to-coast organization together. Its also public. Read the entire program here. Don't be afraid to ask him how its going! We welcome your involvement in your son's education and development.