The Marvin Millsap Headquarters Building is built at the Sigma Tau Gamma founding site in Warrensburg, Missouri. The Headquarters building was completely funded by alumni gifts. Brother Marvin Millsap, DMF, Alpha ’27, became the namesake of the building after generously donating 40% of the building fund. Today, the staff of Fraternity and Foundation work here in service to Sigma Tau Gamma.

  • Headquarters Staff

    Kim Acree
    Chapter Reporting & Records Management Coordinator

    Kim Acree

    In January 2017, Kim Acree joined the HQ Staff as the Chapter Reporting & Records Management Coordinator. Acree graduated from Columbus State University, earning a degree in business. Acree joined staff with over 15 years of experience working with financing and budgeting, along with years of prior experience with OmegaFi. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that information located in OmegaFi systems are accurate and up to date.

    Alek Norman, Alpha ’13
    Recruitment and Growth Coordinator


    Alek Norman joined headquarters staff in August 2016 as a Recruitment and Growth Coordinator. He will be aiding in sending out expansion proposals, calling prospective schools and scheduling meetings with universities. Norman will graduate in May 2017, from the University of Central Missouri, with a degree in drafting and design technology. Contact Alek at

    Stephen Young, Alpha ’12
    Communications Coordinator


    Stephen Young joined headquarters staff in May 2016 as a Communications Coordinator. He is responsible for Sigma Tau Gamma’s National social media content and is a contributing writer for the SAGA Monthly and the SAGA Magazine. Contact Stephen at

    Jesse Cromer, Alpha ’13
    Collegiate Services Coordinator

    Cromer Headshot

    Jesse Cromer joined the headquarters staff in August 2016 as a Collegiate Services Coordinator. Jesse will be aiding in coaching calls with undergraduate chapters, as well as receiving chapter reports. He will graduate from the University of Central Missouri in December 2017, with a degree in safety management. Contact Jesse at

    Erik Kahl, Beta Kappa ’07
    Director of Collegiate Services


    Erik Kahl joined the staff in March of 2015 as the Director of Collegiate Services. He oversees the Collegiate Services Coordinators and their roles. Kahl received a Master’s of Education in Higher Education/Student Affairs with an emphasis in leadership development and learning from Iowa State in 2013. Before moving to Warrensburg, Kahl was the Student Activity Adviser for Fraternity and Sorority Life at Arizona State University. Contact Erik at

    Jill Carrel, Pi Beta Phi ’97
    Associate Director of WPN Housing


    Jill Carrel started July 2016 as the new Associate Director of WPN Housing. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Butler University. Carrel has worked for national organizations including Alpha Sigma Phi and Pi Beta Phi, as well as her most recent position as Assistant Director of Alumni & Donor Relations at Marian University.  Contact Jill at

    Angel Gonzales, Zeta Iota ’14
    Recruitment and Growth Coordnator


    Angel Gonzales joined staff July 2016 as a recruitment and growth coordinator. Gonzales graduated from Washington State University, receiving a humanities degree with a major emphasis in communication via the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, and a minor emphasis in sociology. Contact Angel at

    Victor Ugarte, Gamma Zeta ’14
    Recruitment and Growth Coordnator


    Victor Ugarte joined the staff  in July 2016 as a Recruitment and Growth Coordinator. Ugarte Graduated in May of 2015 from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education History. Ugarte was a founding father at the re-established Gamma Zeta Chapter, where he served at chapter president and later alumni adviser after his graduation. Contact Victor at

    Greg Ward, Epsilon Phi ’13
    Associate Director of Communications


    Greg Ward joined the staff in June 2016 as the Associate Director of Communications. He graduated from The University of Alabama in May 2016, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science. Ward aids in directing and maintaining the website, implementing social media strategies and managing the SAGA Magazine. Contact Greg at

    Vanessa Ryan, Alpha Gamma Delta ’97
    Director of Education and Standards


    Vanessa Ryan joins the staff in July of 2016 as the Director of Education and Standards. Ryan received her Masters of Arts in Education Administration from Central Michigan University. She directs all leadership programming, educational standards and chapters overall wellness for Sigma Tau Gamma. Contact Vanessa at

    Jeremy Harrington, Alpha ’13
    Graphic Designer and Visual Communications Coordinator


    Jeremy Harrington joined the staff in May of 2016 as headquarters Graphic Designer and Visual Communications Coordinator. He is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri, where he majored in graphic design. Contact Jeremy at

    Dean Anderson, Beta Theta ’12
    Associate Director of Recruitment and Growth


    Dean Anderson joined staff in July of 2015 as a recruitment and growth coordinator. During Anderson’s short time here at Headquarters, he has progressed and as of January, 2016, he was promoted to Associate Director of Recruitment and Growth. Anderson helps coordinate expansion projects, assists chapters with recruitment practices and helps aid in Sigma Tau Gamma’s continued growth. He can be reached at

    Steve Latour, Alpha ’16
    Chief Executive Officer

    Steve Latour

    Steve Latour became the Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Tau Gamma in January 2015. The CEO of the Fraternity is employed by the Board of Directors to execute the Fraternity’s Strategic Plan. He employs a staff of well trained individuals to aid him in accomplishing the board’s vision. As of April 23, 2016, Latour officially became a brother of Sigma Tau Gamma. Steve previously served as the Senior Director of Advancement at Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.

    Kayley French Ward
    Administrative Assistant


    Kayley French Ward joins headquarter staff as the new Administrative Assistant. Kayley is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she attended the University of Alabama and earned a degree in social work. While on staff, she is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work. She can be reached at

    Rick Day, Alpha Chi ’12
    Associate Director of Business Operations


    Rick Day is our Associate Director of Business Operations. A graduate of of the University of Illinois in 2014, Day was hired as a a collegiate services coordinator. In December of 2015, Day was promoted to his new role as Associate Director of Business Operations. He can be reached at