The Sigma Tau Gamma Board of Directors cares for the Fraternity between meetings of the Grand Chapter. Members of the Board include the President, President-elect, four Members at Large and the two immediate Past Presidents of the Fraternity. The President-elect and four Members at Large are chosen by delegates to the Grand Chapter at the biennial meeting, and serve a two-year term.


The 2016-2018 Board of Directors: 

Jonathan Proehl, President

Jim Johnston, President Elect

Alyx Parker, Immediate Past President

Thomas Morgan, Senior Past President

Philip JeanfreauTreasurer

Joe Gallo, Secretary

Jeremiah King

Jeremy Daus


The responsibility of the Board of Directors:

To establish the long-term direction and vision of the Fraternity;

To engage in strategic planning, including an analysis of the conditions effecting the membership;

To oversee and review the performance of the Executive Vice President;

To approve the Fraternity budget; and

To set policies for the sound operation of the Fraternity.

It is also important to note what the Board of Directors does not do.

The Board does not run the day-to-day operation of the Fraternity, that responsibility belongs to the Fraternity’s professional staff;

The Board does not directly deal with individual chapters, members or third parties in regard to disciplinary issues, policy violations, or chapter service requests except as specifically provided for in the Constitution and Laws of the Fraternity.

Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers and are not compensated for their time. To serve on the Board of Directors, a member must meet the following requirements:

He must be an initiated member of the Fraternity in good standing;

He must file a Notice of Candidacy form with the Executive Vice President on or before January 31st in the year the election is to take place; and

He must complete an orientation on the Fraternity’s Governance Policies and be certified by the Board of Directors as eligible to hold office.

Questions about running for the Board of Directors should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Thank you to our 2014-2016 Board:

    President Alyx Parker, Jim Johnston, Jonathan Proehl, Philip Jeanfreau, Jeremy Daus, Jeremiah King, Richard Harguindeguy, and Tom Morgan