Managing the Fraternity’s Brand on Social Media

Chapter and Affiliate Organization websites should be designed in good taste with the understanding that the members are providing public information on the chapter or affiliate organization and themselves as well as all who comprise membership within their chapter and Sigma Tau Gamma. In general, all chapters and affiliate organizations should aspire to present an image of which our founders would be proud, abiding by all local, state, and federal laws, as well as the policies and regulations governed by Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.

Inappropriate Content

  • Photos with alcoholic beverages or that indicate the use of alcohol (common containers, funnels or games)
  • Pictures with the inclusion of any illegal activities or behavior inconsistent with the policies, values, or ethics of the organization (event names, t-shirts, or activities)
  • Distasteful or offensive download/upload links, graphics, audio, video or automated presentations
  • Explicit or vulgar language, photos and graphics (nudity and profanity)
  • Detailed chapter minutes displaying confidential information
  • Reference to drugs, alcohol, or other paraphernalia
  • Message or discussion boards without moderator or controlled access
  • Use of nicknames for individuals, organizations, events or activities
  • Logos, graphics, information and other items with registered trademarks without legal consent
  • Member information such as phone or mailing address without legal consent
  • Information about the Ritual and regalia of the organization
  • Endorsements in relation to political affiliation, creed, race or gender
  • Non-current information and/or links (under construction, broken links)
  • Incorrect terminology or style usage (consult the Sigma Tau Gamma Communications Guide for correct usage)

Appropriate Content

  • Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters link
  • Link to host institution (university or college) information and news
  • Alumni relations (newsletters, events, membership directory/roster)
  • Recruitment (contact information, overview of recruitment process, member selection and requirements)
  • Officer/member information (chapter leadership contacts)
  • Updated good news items from the chapter and members
  • Annual chapter calendar (listing of upcoming events)
  • General contact information (chapter location, mailing address, phone number, email, and website)
  • Vision and Purpose of Sigma Tau Gamma; chapter specific goals and objectives
  • Scholarship (overall ranking in relation to peers and within the organization)
  • Community Service/Philanthropy (hours completed, organizations/agencies benefited, money raised)
  • Parent information (association contact information, upcoming events)
  • Chapter house information (external and internal photos, directions, virtual tour)
  • History of organization and chapter (founders, objects, symbols, famous members)
  • Listing of famous members (detail of their involvement and personal history)
  • Leadership development and campus involvement activities
  • Awards and areas of accomplishment
  • Chapter Council members (listing of roles and responsibilities, contact information, how to become involved and next regular meeting)
  • Disclaimer of content (Reviewed by attorney if hosted by web provider and/or designer)