The Founders of Sigma Tau Gamma had strong beliefs about the purpose of the Fraternity. Those beliefs are contained within the ceremonies of our Fraternity Ritual. These ceremonies are a lasting expression of what we believe as members of Sigma Tau Gamma. A member that fully understands the Fraternity recognizes that the Ritual should be lived everyday. The Ritual should become our personal ritual, habit, patterns, and actions.

Association Ceremony

This public ceremony, held near the beginning of the Path of Principles program, elevates candidates for membership to the status of associate.

Initiation Ceremony

This ceremony, held at the end of the fourth week of the Path of Principles program, elevates associate members to the status of brother, giving them full membership, voting, and meeting rights (excepting the authority to hold office).

Fourth Degree Ceremony

This public ceremony, held at the end of the eighth week of the Path of Principles program, completes the initiation process for new members, granting them authority to hold office in the chapter.

Chain of Honor Ceremony

This ceremony, held before or after the chapter meeting at the end of each semester, gives the chapter an opportunity to recognize members that are graduating and officially recognize them as alumni members.

Eternal Light Ceremony

This public ceremony, held after the death of a member, is a time to remember and reminisce about our departed brother.

The Meeting Ritual

This Ritual is used to open and close a formal meeting of the Fraternity, including all chapter, alumni association and national meetings.

Installation of Officers

This ceremony, conducted at a formal meeting, is the swearing-in ceremony for new officers.

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