We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

Sigma Tau Gamma takes great strides to provide leadership development opportunities to our collegiate members. Collegiate members are eligible to work as part of the Fraternity staff and help run the annual National Convention by becoming a Sue Kay Convention Intern.

The Sue Kay Fund will underwrite the travel, lodging and registration costs for the annual recipient of the internship.

To apply, please send a letter of application to CEO Steve Latour, at slatour@sigmataugamma.org

Please include in your letter:

  • Why you think the Grand Chapter is a valuable experience, specifically referencing the impact it had on your leadership abilities and your chapter’s development
  • What you think the role of the Grand Chapter Intern is
  • Why you would make a good intern
  • Your GPA, major and expected graduation date
  • Offices held in Sigma Tau Gamma and other student organizations

Applications should be formatted as a business letter.


Previous attendee of a Grand Chapter or Strategic Leadership Conference
Collegiate member, must be enrolled in school in Fall 2014
Good standing with their chapter and the Fraternity

About Sue Kay and the Intern Program

Sue Kay was the Fraternity’s office manager from 1974 until her death in 2011. During her 37 years of service, her skills were held in the highest esteem. Every member who attended a convention met Sue, because she conducted the registration process. Sue loved Sigma Tau Gamma and became friends with many brothers through the years.

Sue left a small bequest to the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, Inc. Many brothers made memorial contributions in her honor. Her brother Homer Kay and wife Becky made a significant donation and pledge in honor of Sue.

The Trustees of the Foundation voted to place these donations in a designated fund, the Sue Kay Fund, to underwrite the travel, lodging and registration costs for the annual recipient of the internship. They reasoned that Sue would find this program flattering since she so enjoyed the conventions, particularly the annual renewal of her many Sigma Tau Gamma friendships.