The Principle of Leadership calls us to perform our leadership duty, no matter what our position in our chapter. Your first chapter duties may be to vote thoughtfully and responsibly in chapter meetings and to serve on a chapter committee. These responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. As you progress in your membership you may be called upon to serve as a committee chairman or even a chapter officer. Your ability to perform in these higher offices will rest upon the skills you have built along the way.

The Sigma Tau Gamma Chapter Management Program uses a corporate management structure. This management structure will give you practical experience that will serve you well after graduation, as it is the structure you will encounter in the business world.

Using the Chapter Management Program structure will be unique in your college experience. The club structure (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) is used by most campus organizations.

There are four divisions in the Chapter Management Program, each administered by an elected vice president. Most other positions come under the administration of one of the divisions. Members filling these positions are generally appointed by the officer in charge of the division, with the advice and consent of the chapter. The program provides a manual for each division that includes job descriptions for each position within the division.

To help you we have created a manual for each division in the chapter management program. These manuals include guidelines for the elected officer leading each division and the committee chairman within each management division. For example, the Executive Division Manual includes guidelines for the Executive Vice President and the chairmen of the Scholarship and Risk Management Committees.

The manuals are available in PDF format. You can also read manuals through our digital reader by visiting

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    Executive Board Manual (pdf)
    Guide to Records (pdf)
    Executive Division Manual (pdf)
    Membership Division Manual (pdf)
    Programs Division Manual (pdf)
    Finance Division Manual (pdf)
    Judicial Board Manual (pdf)

    Additional Forms, Manuals, and Laws