Chapter awards recognize those college chapters that exemplify the Principle of Excellence. Chapter awards measure chapter performance during the academic year. Most awards are not judged by a panel or committee. Rather, they are earned by McCune Metrics score achievement. In this way it is similar to athletic competition. If you put the points on the board, you win.

McCune Distinguished Chapter Award:

This award recognizes the premier chapters in Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. The top five chapters with the most points receive recognition. The award is named in honor of Dr. Edward H. McCune, Founder and Fourth National President. Dr. McCune was a giant figure in Sigma Tau Gamma. He is the author of Our Creed.

Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award:

This award recognizes the top five chapters with the greatest year-over improvement in their McCune Metrics Score. When Earl A. Webb entered college at Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Alpha Chapter was not doing well. When asked why he joined Sigma Tau Gamma, Earl said that he looked around to find someplace where he could help. Help he did. With Earl’s leadership, Alpha Chapter was revived. Within ten years of his graduation, he became national president, and with a record of more than 60 years of extraordinary leadership and service, he is known as Mr. Sig Tau.

Thomas Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award:

The office of Executive Secretary (now Chief Executive Officer) was created in 1927 because the delegates to the Third Conclave realized that the Fraternity needed a central office with reliable records. In order to encourage chapters to submit their records and dues on time, Tom Hutsell, the first Executive Secretary, created the Chapter Efficiency Cup. It was the first chapter award in Sigma Tau Gamma. The Thomas Hutsell Chapter Efficiency Award carries on the tradition of the Chapter Efficiency Cup.

Emmett Ellis Chapter Scholarship Award:

Dr. Emmett Ellis was a mathematics professor, and perhaps the greatest scholar among the Founders. He recruited Dr. Wilson C. Morris, professor of physics, to be the Sponsor of the Founders (the first chapter advisor). At the time, Morris was the unequalled intellect among the faculty at their campus. Ellis believed that a true college fraternity man must be an intellectual as well as a social creature. This award recognizes chapters that achieve intellectual excellence.

W. T. Hembree Campus Leadership Award:

This is one of the newest of the chapter awards but it recognizes the oldest of our traditions. The founders of virtually every chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma were first campus leaders. It is expected, when visiting a chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma to find among its members the president of the student government association, chairman of the student activities board and even the student representative to the university governing board. This award is named in honor of the leader with a more than 50 year record of service to Sigma Tau Gamma, W. T. (Bill) Hembree.

Robert Nagel Jones Charitable Projects Award:

Anyone who knew Rob Jones knew about unselfish service. Our ninth national president was a highly skilled attorney who never hesitated to donate the considerable value of his knowledge and wisdom to Sigma Tau Gamma. With that wisdom, and vision to accompany it, he created the founding documents for the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, Inc. This award recognizes the chapters of Sigma Tau Gamma that exemplify the Rob Jones spirit of giving and the Principle of Benefit.

Christopher J. Mauer Man-Mile Award:

The Christopher J. Mauer Man-Mile Award recipient is determined by multiplying the number of collegiate members registered and participating in a national meeting with the number of miles from the chapter’s campus to the meeting location.

The Man-Mile award has been given for at least 40 years, but it has never been named. On June 9, 2008, the Fraternity Board of Directors voted to name it in honor of Past President Chris Mauer. For Chris, this posthumous honor is especially appropriate because getting the most brothers to the meetings was, in essence, a part-time job for him. With visits and phone calls he would convince many to go that have never been before, just for the brotherhood experience. He lived for these meetings and loved to teach others about brotherhood.

E. Kennedy Whitesitt Communication Award:

This award is presented to the chapters with the most impressive communication strategy. The use of an appropriate, effective and up-to date website, a semester newsletter, and social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). Chapter are judged in multiple categories: website, newsletter, facebook, twitter and other.
Communication Award Application: (pdf)