Standard 5: Meeting Attendance

Great chapters send their president to Webb Academy; at least 3 members to Grand Chapter/NLC

Information on each event can be found at right.

Webb Academy is the annual training symposium for chapter presidents held each January at the Fraternity Headquarters in Warrensburg, MO

Grand Chapter is the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity. It elects our national officers and considers changes to the Constitution and Laws. It is held in August of even numbered years in cities throughout the United States.

National Leadership Conference is held in August of odd numbered years and is an educational program designed to bring Fraternity and chapter leaders together during years when the Grand Chapter does not meet.

  • Notes
    Executive Board Manual (pdf)
    Guide to Records (pdf)
    Executive Division Manual (pdf)
    Membership Division Manual (pdf)
    Programs Division Manual (pdf)
    Finance Division Manual (pdf)
    Judicial Board Manual (pdf)

    Additional Forms, Manuals, and Laws