Standard 3: Chapter GPA

Great chapters have at least a 2.75 semester GPA.

Sigma Tau Gamma was founded by veterans and by educators. The opportunity to attend college should not be taken for granted. We make our Founders proud by pursuing the principle of learning with vigor!

Executive Division Manual

This manual includes information for several committees, including the scholarship committee.

Scholarship Guide

Traditional “œlibrary hours” are not the whole answer for academic success. This report describes the 5 activities of a successful scholarship program.

The final, and most important activity, is recruiting members who already excel in school. The standard during recruit is a 2.5 or high. However, a chapter that focuses recruitment on men with 2.5-2.74 GPAs is not going to reach the 2.75 chapter standard.

Principled Selection Criteria for Recruitment

When thinking about chapter scholarship, always remember that the best indicator of potential success is current and previous success. Let’s focus on recruiting men that already exemplify our principles, including learning! Opening membership is the number of brothers at the beginning of the school year. Chapters have fall and spring semester to recruit half of that number. Below is recruitment information to help you achieve your goal!

  • Executive Division Manual

    Scholarship Guide

    Principled Selection Criteria
    Executive Board Manual (pdf)
    Guide to Records (pdf)
    Executive Division Manual (pdf)
    Membership Division Manual (pdf)
    Programs Division Manual (pdf)
    Finance Division Manual (pdf)
    Judicial Board Manual (pdf)

    Additional Forms, Manuals, and Laws