Standard 10: Risk Management

Great chapters have no risk management violations.

Sigma Tau Gamma members dedicate themselves to brotherhood. Brotherhood is a strong bond. It requires members to take care of each other, including keeping each other safe. Chapters that respect their members host functions that comply with University and Fraternity policies as well as state and local laws. In this way, great chapters have no risk management violations.

Risk Management Policy

The Policy exists to prohibit activities that have been found historically to detrack from our safe environment. Things like drinking games and kegs are prohibited because they promote the rapid use of alcohol. The goal is to help members avoid drinking too much. Chapter funds for alcohol, pass the hat, and the sale of alcohol are prohibited because they are illegal and could put chapter members and officers at risk of arrest. Nothing is the policy is arbitrary. Each item relates to a real and legitimate threat to our safety.

Incident Report Form

Use this form to report all incidents at a chapter house, function, or situation involving several members where any member or guest is injured or arrested. When in doubt, report the incident. Reporting the incident allows the Fraternity to mobilize resources that can provide support to chapter members, officers, advisors, and friends after an incident. Complete the form immediately and contact the national office and your advisors as soon as possible.

Sigma Tau Gamma Headquarters

Member Accident Protection Plan

As part of our national insurance program, members of collegiate chapters receive accident coverage. If the member is injured in an accident, he should complete the form and may be able to receive some assistance from our insurance plan. M.A.P.P. does not cover disease or illness. It may cover accidents that occur away from school and even over breaks. With this plan, Sigma Tau Gamma can help take care of our brothers when they are hurt. Its the right thing to do!

Executive Division Manual

This manual includes information for several chapter functions but is listed here because it outlines risk managment procedures that can be used to help promote a safe environment for chapter functions. For additional assistance, please contact a member of our staff.

  • Risk Management Policy

    Incident Report Form

    M.A.P.P. Claim Form

    Executive Division Manual

    Executive Board Manual (pdf)
    Guide to Records (pdf)
    Executive Division Manual (pdf)
    Membership Division Manual (pdf)
    Programs Division Manual (pdf)
    Finance Division Manual (pdf)
    Judicial Board Manual (pdf)

    Additional Forms, Manuals, and Laws