Standard 1: Recruitment

Great chapters recruit at least 50% of their opening membership.

Opening membership is the number of brothers at the beginning of the school year. Chapters have fall and spring semester to recruit half of that number. Below is recruitment information to help you achieve your goal!

Phired Up Support

Sigma Tau Gamma began its partnership with Phired Up Productions, the industry leader in recruitment education, in 2009. In addition to training the Fraternity staff and supporting Sigma Tau Gamma’s growth at new campuses (link to expansion), Phired Up consults on Sigma Tau Gamma’s recruitment materials and training programs.

Phired Up also provides many excellent recruit resources that are available to our members. Many free resources, including recruitment ideas, a blog, and skills training can be accessed on the Phired Up website at right.

Sigma Tau Gamma has combined many of these resources to create a semester recruitment checklist that includes consultation with the expert staff, also available at right.

Dean Anderson                               

If you are attending Grand Chapter, Strategic Leadership Conference, or Regional Conclave, be sure to keep your eye out for Recruitment College, the membership division training track available at all of these events.

Reporting Members

Once you’ve recruited the top men on campus, be sure to register them with OmegaFi. At right you will see the Guide to Records Manual. It has detailed instructions to help you.

  • Notes
    Executive Board Manual (pdf)
    Guide to Records (pdf)
    Executive Division Manual (pdf)
    Membership Division Manual (pdf)
    Programs Division Manual (pdf)
    Finance Division Manual (pdf)
    Judicial Board Manual (pdf)

    Additional Forms, Manuals, and Laws