Introduced in 2015, the Chapter Advisory Team is an evolution of previous chapter support structures. The Chapter Advisory Team (often referred to as Advisory Team) owns responsibility for coaching, mentoring, and guiding the undergraduate officers. Fundraising, alumni programming/networking, and asset ownership remains the responsibility of the Alumni Association and/or House Corporation. The Advisory Team not only serves to strengthen our undergraduate chapter’s ability to lead, this eliminates direct linkage between the undergraduates and alumni assets, thereby limiting the chapter and fraternity’s liability and exposure and reducing risk.

The Chapter Advisory Team will primarily advise and mentor the undergraduate executive board by providing a professional and mature perspective. Additionally, the Advisory Team will be responsible for:

  • Promoting self-sufficiency and self-governance of the chapter;
  • Familiarizing the Chapter with successful practices for day-to-day operations and executing Sigma Tau Gamma’s Ritual properly;
  • Developing a successful peer advisory team, including appointing or removing new members by popular vote (Lead Chapter Advisor holds tie-breaking vote).
  • Supporting the mission and vision of the chapter executive board and national organization.

The Chapter Advisory Team, in order to limit risk and liability, is limited from:

  • Developing their own constitution and/or by-laws
  • Opening or maintaining a checking or savings account
  • Raising funds
  • Owning real estate or managing chapter properties

A Chapter Advisory Team should be comprised of the following positions:

  • Lead Chapter Advisor (LCA): serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Team and advises the Chapter President and Executive Vice President  Job Description
  • Recruitment Advisor: advises the Vice President of Membership Job Description
  • Financial Advisor: advises the Vice President of Finance Job Description
  • Programs Advisor: advises the Vice President of Programs
  • Member Safety and Standards Advisor: advises the Member Safety Chairman and the Chairman of the Standards’ Board Job Description
  • Membership Education Advisor:  Advises the Fraternal Education Chairman
  • Parent/Family Member Advisor: advises the Parent Relations Liaison
  • Scholarship/Faculty Advisor: a staff or faculty member of the host institution Job Description

To recognize a group as a Chapter Advisory Team, there are a minimum number of positions required. The Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity determines the required positions based on the current strategies of the Board of Directors. Currently those positions are: Lead Chapter Advisor, Membership Advisor, Financial Advisor, and Faculty Advisor.

Term of Service

The Lead Chapter Advisor (LCA) is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sigma Tau Gamma to serve a one to two year term depending on when he is appointed.

The Faculty Advisor and Parent/Family Advisor are appointed by the undergraduate chapter president with approval by the Executive Board.

The Advisory Team members are appointed by the Lead Chapter Advisor and approved by the existing Chapter Advisory Team members. Most terms for members of the Chapter Advisory Team are for two years in duration unless otherwise noted in their job descriptions above. To ensure consistency for both the Advisory Team and chapter, it is recommended that the terms of the Chapter Advisory Team be staggered. There are no limits on the number of terms an advisor may serve.

Except for the Lead Chapter Advisor role, the  roles of the Advisory Teams require a nominal time commitment of 4-6 hours per month.

Interested in Volunteering?

For more information on the positions of the Chapter Advisory Team, please see the specific descriptions above. If you have any questions, would be interested in volunteering at a local chapter, or would be interested in advising in a role not shown above, please contact a Rick Day, at (660) 747-2222 or