Helpful tools and links:

Note: These resources are for designated regional volunteers and district directors. 

Regional Vice President Volunteer Job Description
District Director Volunteer Job Description
Forms, Manuals and Links
Regional Conclave Planning Worksheet
Chapter Budget Tool
Chapter Management Manuals
Path of Principles Website
Recruitment Check-List
OmegaFi National Desktop
The Path of Principles Chronicle monthly e-newsletter
The SAGA of Sigma Tau Gamma quarterly magazine

How to:
Obtain Access to OmegaFi
The Fraternity has made guest access to the OmegaFi National Desktop available to regional and district volunteers to allow quick access to important financial information for the chapters they advise.
Email ( ) to secure a username.

Find contact information:
Use the McCune Dashboard to find contact information for chapter officers and advisors. Use the OmegaFi National Desktop to find contact information for other undergraduate members.

Find Composite Membership Reports
Composite Membership Reports are produced monthly and available by request.
Email ( ).

  • Volunteer Contact Information

    General Volunteer Information:

    Board of Directors/Foundation Board of Trustees:

    William Bernier
    Executive Vice President